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Our FAQs

How long will it take for my order to start?

Instantly! As soon as your payment is processed our team will be notified. We will start to promote your account to our network to get your Plays

Are your Souncloud Plays high quailty?

We pride ourselves on the high qualaty of our Plays. Unlike some of our competition who offer only low-qualiy bots and fake Plays. Here at Pressagram our services are high-quailty and fast.

Why choose us?

Pressagram has 12 years of experience in social marketing, our amazing team is here to help you and push your Souncloud account to through the sky. Ever since Souncloud launched, Pressagram has been inovating and is now the leading expert in the Souncloud marketing world. We have years of experience and over 1 million satisfied customers! If you are looking for Souncloud services you are in the right place!

What happens if my Plays drop?

In the unfortunate occurrence that the Plays may drop, don't worry we have your back. Our automatic system will refill in Plays gradually, in case you do not receive a refill, you may contact customer support at any given moment.

Will Souncloud ban my account?

Definitely not. Unlike some of our competition, Pressagram uses only secure methods to deliver Plays to your Souncloud account. We do not break any of the Souncloud rules when delivering Plays.

Do you need my password?

No, do you give your password to your other followers? No. We suggest that you never give your password to any service. We just advertise your account on our network so you start receiving Plays. Once you have reached the goal needed, we will stop advertise your account for new Souncloud Plays. It is never a good idea using apps from the App Store or Play Store that offer the option to Buy Souncloud Plays, they will ask for your password, as you will not be using the same IP Souncloud will detect it as account theft and your account may get locked or terminated.

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