The previous record holder was Kylie Jenner’s first pic on social media of her daughter, Stormi. That post had 18 million likes. The celebrity has more than 120 million followers on Instagram and an equally massive following on Twitter and Snapchat.


The story is funny and a lighthearted moment that will stick on our memories for some time. However, there are some social media marketing insights a small business owner can learn from the Egg Gang’s viral campaign. These insights include:

You should be on Instagram

The viral campaign of the world record egg started on Instagram before being picked by other social media sites and mainstream media. You do not need an egg to go viral. In reality, any brand can creatively put up a post on Instagram to gain more exposure and even go viral.

Arguably, Instagram is more powerful than other social media sites. First, its parent company, Facebook, expands the platform’s reach to older audiences. Nevertheless, its best feature is its algorithm, which allows timely posts that are not too fast-paced.

In Twitter, content falls and rises in a short period. In Facebook, you might have to break the bank for exposure. However, Instagram has an engaged user base, an explore tab, and a scroll-friendly design that makes it convenient for viral content.

Have a simple mission that people can rally behind

The Egg Gang posted the egg pic with one simple mission: to get the most likes on a post. People who double-tapped on the post felt they were taking part in something bigger than themselves. The mission was not only powerful but also easy to understand. Those two factors made it easy for Instagram users to rally behind the mission.

Posts on social media should not just be about your brand. In 2019, try to create posts with simple and powerful missions. Such posts have the potential of going viral, thereby giving you more exposure.

Internet users love humor

Another reason why people gave the posts likes is that we like humor. Who would have thought a pic of a simple egg would end having more likes than Kylie Jenner’s posts. Wendy’s Twitter account also capitalizes on humor by jokingly insulting fans on a regular basis.

Note that, millennials and generation Z are slowly becoming your main customers. In addition, these generations hate stale and unrelatable brands. They want to see the human side of brands.

So, do not be afraid to add some humor to your posts. Even polished brands and businesses in the formal sector can benefit from posting funny content. However, if you go for a joke or gaga, make sure it is actually amusing.

Keenly follow internet culture

Clearly, whoever is behind the egg post is up to date with internet culture and “Instagram language”. They were aware that the previously most liked post was Kylie Jenner’s and they made it clear in the caption that they want to break that record. In addition, they knew that memes are the standard for viral posts on Instagram.

If you want to go viral and gain more Instagram likes, you have to follow internet culture keenly. That is the only way to know the unspoken rules of the social media community. Familiarizing yourself with internet culture will enable you to create natural posts and avoid inauthentic and cringe-worthy posts that most brands put on the internet.

Unbelievably, there is a lot to learn about social media marketing from the Kylie vs. egg battle on Instagram. By following the insights outlined above, you will gain more reach and social media and possibly create the next record-breaking post.